Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Enjoy These Perfect Songs

Motor Away Mp3
It was 1996 when I found a tape in my car and popped it into the ancient mono cassette player I used for an audio system. I was blown away. The sounds emanating from the player sounded like they were recorded by ghostly angels in another dimension. The low-fidelity of the tape device only added to the surreal quality of this recording. Chock full of hooks and melodies, this collection of genius, 1 minute songs, is pop music with true-grit, no fluff. 11 years later, I still feel Guided By Voices, Alien Lanes, is one of the greatest albums ever made, and Motor Away is possibly the best song on this timeless record.

Nevermore Mp3
File under: Songs To Get Divorced To.
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives epic 2001 release, Behind The Music put simply, is the masterpiece that gave us the beautifully melancholy, Nevermore. This is the stuff of pain, triumph, and tragedy.

Faster Mp3
When I first heard Faster, by the Manic Street Preachers, it was like sonic gold for me. I had finally found the perfect rock and roll song. It's amazing how flawless every element of this tune is.

Jonathan Fire*Eater is one of the most underrated bands of
the 20th century. I felt cheated when I'd discovered this band had broken up years before I'd even heard them. Drugs and the major label blues drove this band to an early demise. The members had all grown up together, forming their first group, The Ignobles, while attending "the prestigious D.C. private school the St. Albans School, which counts former Vice President Al Gore among its alumni." In 1993 they formed Jonathan Fire*Eater. In 1995 they released their self titled debut on Third World Underground Records, followed by a self-titled EP on the PCP label. 1996 saw the release of the five song, Tremble Under Boom Lights. I'll cover this amazing work in more detail at a future time, I promise. Today, however, I am sharing with you two of my favorite songs from their major label debut, Wolf Songs For Lambs. It was hard enough to pick even one song off this album because the whole thing is really quite brilliant, so I give you two;
When The Curtain Calls For You Mp3
Station Coffee Mp3.

Song Of Mehitabel Mp3
Portland, Oregon's, Juanita Family and Friends play a heartfelt blend of old school country, bluegrass, and folk and deliver it with a hardcore DIY ethic. Lana Rebel is undoubtedly the shining star of this family, and she has the voice of an angel. I met her when she was just 13 years old and I'm very proud of what a talented woman she has become.

Punk Rock Song Mp3
When I was living in Toronto, in the spring of 2001, I had the good fortune of catching Sweden's, Hardcore Superstar at The Bovine Sex Club (one of the coolest bars in North America). They played a tight blend of punk and glam, reminding me of early Motley Crue, Slade, Cheap Trick, and Motorhead. Their songs were very catchy. I chatted with singer, Jocke Berg, and the guitarist who simply goes by the name, Silver after their show and found them to be very down to earth and friendly. Unfortunately that night they had no merchandise for sale or I would have bought the cd that most of the material in their set that was from, Bad Sneakers and a Pina Colada. Instead, I made a deal with Jocke, that if I tracked down his cd and bought it, he would make sure Hardcore Superstar would play in San Diego. I picked up a copy a few days later and, Jocke, San Diego is till waiting for you to grace us. Punk Rock Song is a scorching tune from Bad Sneakers, an album that delivers one perfect song after another.

Look At You Mp3
Sweden's Backyard Babies are like the Olympic Gods of Rock and Roll. Everytime they shit, snore, belch, or fart you hear a guitar solo and they look cool doing it. Look At You, off 1997's milestone Total 13-Rock Chaos album, is like the theme song for anyone who has embraced Rock and Roll as a lifestyle.

Look at you, man, look at the band
Look at the day, don´t throw it away
I need a pill and a coffee re-fill
And everything is gonna be alright,I swear
Look at your cat and your eighty square flat
Look at your view over stockholm´s zoo
Maybe you´re wrong but maybe i´m right
`cause i guess i´m born black and white
You know you could be a rock n´ roll star
No matter who you are, It´s all the same
`cause you´re a real dead end
That´s what you are
Believe i´m gonna have myself a ball
And i don´t care if you don´t like
How i act when i´m on top of your wife
I´m going down, i´m running up
I´m walking zig-zag and i´m tripping too much
So hold your fire, i´m coming through
I´ve gotta kill another bottle of doom
Now everybody wanna dance with you
I cannot dance `cause my boots are stuck with glue
Everybody wanna talk too much
But all i want is you
Look at your amount on your credit card account
A billion dollar tour but i just go for
Heads up, legs up, stay-ups, fuck-ups
`cause everything is gonna be alright, right.

The Worker Mp3
I hate jobs. Not to be confused with hating work. I love to work. I am a workaholic. But a job? Fuck it. Can't stand 'em. I don't like clocking in. A lot of people feel the same way. Especially English factory workers, whose plight is documented in the song, The Worker, by Fischer Z

Underdog Mp3
The Dirtbombs
are from Detroit and are here to save rock and roll.

Dennis Brown-Westbound Train Mp3
Pat Ruthensmear-Golden Boys Mp3
The Kinks-Get Back In Line Mp3
Sonic Youth-Cross The Breeze Mp3
Neko Case-Star Witness Mp3
Iggy Pop-Some Weird Sin Mp3
Sonic Youth-Eliminator Jr. Mp3
Tuxedo Moon-Heaven Mp3
Testors-Rainy Night Mp3
Porno Stuntman-Fight Fire With Fire Mp3
Thin Lizzy-The Boys Are Back In Town Mp3
Digital Leather-Hologram Mp3


Anonymous said...

I <3 Dennis Brown a lot. And you know that I share your abiding love for "Motor Away" - now, go track down the new Chromatics stuff, especially their cover of Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill." OMFG - SOOOOO good.


Anonymous said...

"I am an arkytekt / They call me a butcha."


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