Friday, December 19, 2008

Kim Wilde

A perusal of links to bands associated with providence hardcore legends, DROPDEAD, eventually led me to the myspace profile for Kim Wilde. I was 12 years old when I bought her platinum debut known for the smash-hit, "Kids In America", a joint composure by her brother, Ricky, and father, Marty Wilde. Kim Wilde could quite possibly have been the catalyst for the growth of hair on my balls In those restless nights of post adolescence, her uber-sweet voice would lull me to sleep from the turntable and I would dream of Kim, Debbie Harry, and Joan Jett engaged in a rock n' roll catfight for my affection.
Kim, who resides in London with her husband and their two children, still has a knack for making perfect pop songs and you can listen to her current work at her MySpace page.

Hearing "Kids" again on this youtube clip literally sent goosebumps up my back. Enjoy.