Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The King Khan & BBQ Show

The King Khan & BBQ Show consists of former Spaceshits, Mark Sultan (of Montreal, Quebec)and King Khan (of Berlin, Germany). They play soulful, unpretentious, humorous, romantic, low-fi garage rock and roll that harkens back to the good old days of boogie woogie rockabilly and punk. I could try and go off on a tangent about them but I really don't have much to write other than they're awesome and I'd like to share their awesomeness with you. If you want to know more, check The King Khan & BBQ Show Myspace.

The King Khan & BBQ Show-I Love You So Mp3
The King Khan & BBQ Show-Fish Fight Mp3
The King Khan & BBQ Show-Take Me Back Mp3
The King Khan & BBQ Show-Pig Pig Mp3

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Post Traumatic Sound Of Billy Druid's Atomic Gospel

Since the break up of the Tori Cobras in 2003 I have spent most of my time travelling around residing in different parts of the United States and even Mexico. With the constant flux in residency, finding people to play in a band with has been difficult, to say the least. In lieu of having a solid band I continued writing songs with my home recording gear and played all the instruments, guitar, drums, bass, vocals, keyboards, percussion, etc. myself. The result is Billy Druid's Atomic Gospel.Two of the Songs are covers, Rod Stewarts's Maggie May and three songs by the late, great, Cranford Nix Jr.,Pray For The End Of Time, Pawnshop, and Spiders and Snakes. These songs are demos that were recorded in every corner of the country over the last five years. Right click and hit "save target as".

Bad Man-Mp3
Live Free Or Die-Mp3
Last Call-Mp3
Atomic Sunset-Mp3
Maggie Mayhem-Mp3
Davey Jones-Mp3
Terribly Empty-Mp3
Carpe Nocturne-Mp3
Pray For The End Of Time-Mp3
Carpe Nocturne-Acoustic-Mp3
Spiders and Snakes-Mp3

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tori Cobras- Running With The Red Light

In 2002 I released a cd by my band, The Tori Cobras on my now bankrupt label, Pure Noise Forever. Copies of the cd are so scarce I think I have ONE copy to myself. So I am giving the album away in it's entirety now in this blog. Right click on the red song files and choose "save target as". I hope you enjoy the music.

Tori Cobras- When Guitars Attack Mp3
Tori Cobras- Revenge Mp3
Tori Cobras- If I Die Today Mp3
Tori Cobras- Love And War Mp3
Tori Cobras- Get In The Van Mp3
Tori Cobras- Stoned Mp3
Tori Cobras- Six Minutes Mp3
Tori Cobras- Rohyphynal Mp3