Friday, September 11, 2009


Thought I'd post this in honor of the fervor surrounding today's date.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Death Crisis

6 song self titled debut 7"
Too Old To Die Records

Six songs that clock in at just under eight minutes. This is the envelope of hardcore punk pushed in a direction of pandemoneous hooks, rhythms, and growls, that Death Crisis command with authority and contempt. Manic, jet-speed riffs and beats take you by surprise, leaping at you like a rock and roll exorcism, hammering your skull, and pumping you with adrenalin. When it's over, you feel exhilherated and want more.
It's no surprise this band hails from San Diego with a ridiculously noteworthy pedigree consisting of former members of Life Crisis, Los Kagados, Chicken Farm, and The Rabbits (to mention just a few). After years in the game, the members of Death Crisis have obviously concluded that the only direction to go with their sound is straight into the fire. Screaming over the bedlam is the commanding voice of Alberto Jurado. His animated vocal delivery is rabid and melodic, carried with urgent ferocity like some insane mexican soldier in a cinematic bloodbath.
There is also a heroic element to his persona that shines in the momentary calm between songs throughout the band's 16 minute live set, as demonstrated in his oratory prelude to the song, "Broken Spirit", in which he reminds the audience that no matter how self-destructive our lives can become, that each of us has the ability to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, as long as we believe in ourselves, as he points out, "Remember, you are all gods." In Spanglish, Jurado spews socio-political venom with conviction, warmth, and tongue-in-cheek delivery. His character shifts effortlessly from sage to madman to comedian. It's this honesty and authority in his presentation, coupled with the voice of an all-time great punk singer, that seals the deal with Death Crisis and demonstrates to the audience the undeniable truth that they are in the presense of masters.
Death Crisis encourages the sharing of these six songs I've ripped from vinyl for your listening pleasure. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Metallica.