Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living In The Bubble Of Zardoz; The Life Aquatic with Ian Svenonius

I am a shitty blogger. If my blog were a pet it would have died a horrific death by now, attributed to some type of bacterial atrophy eating itself to death from the inside, dehydrated. And you would have seen me on Animal Planet getting my ass kicked by Rop Vasquez on his new show where he beats animal abusers senseless in cage matches. That show is gonna rule.

That said, last February, 20th Century subterfuge guru and provocateur of guerrilla-pop, Ian Svenonius, Sassy Magazine's "Sassiest Boy in America-1991", took a Bruise Cruise, and this read, lifted from the online desk of Jonathan L. Fischer at Washington Dc's City Paper, is a hoot by any lost soul's standards. An informed mind will recognize the spark of genius in the words that flow from the mind of Svenonius. I hope the man gets down to writing a book one of these days.

~Squire 6/22/2011 6:22 pm