Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Do You Remember?

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I like to drive around in my car and risk crashing it while I instant message the WZBC deejays (you can too, aim=wzbcdj) with requests for bands that don't really exist. Sometimes they catch me by surprise and play something amazing and I have to humbly inquire, "holy shit!!! Who the fuck is this???" Thank you, Cloud, at WZBC, for turning me on to Brooklyn, New York's, Cheeseburger.


Anonymous said...

Bullet Lavolta. Best Kissers In The World. Maybe some Stooges / Turbonegro. Reminds me when pop had guitars in it and wasn't afraid to use fewer than four chords.

Anonymous said...

His voice somehow reminded me of your voice, Billy Druid.
B'z @ House Of Blues, Los Angeles 2003