Monday, October 12, 2009

Black Metal doesn't have anything to do with the world like you know it.

The headliners of the KINGS OF BLACK METAL Festival 2009 in Giessen, Germany, and Norway's INFERNO festival, are Sweden's Watain. According to the bio on their My Space page, "Watain performs Black Metal in it's original form; dangerous, passionate, sinister and magical. Drenched in blood, swept in mystery, shunning no sacrifice. You have been warned." Vocalist and bass player, Erik Danielsson, proclaims, "the Black Metal we want to inspire people to produce, if any, must be built upon the pillars of chaos, madness, lawlessness and boundless darkness! Fuck the world and its futile currents, and let’s make art that is timeless and world-less!" and the band succeeds in their mission. The darkness and the power in Watain's sound is magic to behold. Listening to the songs on 2007's landmark, Sworn To The Dark, you can't shake the feeling that this band is tapped into some supernatural phenomena.

"I believe that black and death metal originally comes from a place that very few of the people involved in this kind of artform know about or have been intentionally in contact with, and some bands along the way during the 20 years that this form of music has existed have been in touch with that place, or whatever you want to call it, and, we are one of them. And we have found ways to communicate with that place and that is what makes our music other worldly."~Erik Danielsson, Watain, Metal Show podcast interview.

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Watain-Sworn To The Dark.Mp3
Watain-Legions Of The Black Light.Mp3
Watain-Storm Of The AntiChrist.Mp3
Watain-The Light That Burns The Sun.Mp3