Friday, June 26, 2009


I almost let this blog wither away, filed under LOST INSPIRATIONS and INCOMPLETE ARTISTIC ENDEAVORS. It started when my file host, who had boasted to me once about his "virtually unlimited bandwidth" suddenly pulled the plug on access to my hosted uploads, essentially derailing a years worth of tedious construction of PTSD. It was just the kind of shit luck that left me aggravated and found me without the motivation to keep the ball rolling. The only brief moment of blogspiration I've had in this period of inactivity was my homage to Kim Wilde. I really felt like I didn't want to continue PTSD without first going back and fixing all the defunct links from previous entries dating all the way back to my first posting, which took a backseat to my multitude of other interests and hobbies.

Well alot has happened between then and now, both with my own musical endeavors and my continued discovery of artists who are doing it right and compelling me to share my interests in them.

On that note, since last October, I have been playing bass in the New Orleans Punk-Power-Thrash quartet, A Hanging. There's no denying the band has been gaining impressive momentum in the Nola hardcore punk and metal curcuit, in just a few months time having shared stages with the likes of EYEHATEGOD, GOATWHORE, ZOROASTER, EVIL ARMY, DEADBIRD, RITUAL KILLER, HAARP, HAWG JAW, TIREFIRE, THE DEVIL AND THE SEA, FLESH PARADE, and SAINT VITUS.

In January we were filmed alongside Louisiana's heaviest bands for a feature length documentary about the thriving insurgence of heavy music in the south entitled, Slow Southern Steel. The next week we rented a van and headed up to Little Rock, ARK, the hometown of SSS producer "C-T", to play with his band, RWAKE.

In January we self-released our debut cd, "Food For Rats" and have since completely sold out of the first run of 1000.

A Hanging "Food For Rats"

A Hanging "Blood And Spit"

I created a youtube channel under the nom de guerre, Atomicdruid, and there you will find an extensive
video playlist of A Hanging live videos, as well as videos from my past bands, Battalion Of Saints and The Tori Cobras.

Much more to come I promise.


mancalledclay said...

you write as if you have a streak of genius in you.
your words flow with ease and purpose...much to my delight!! i'm glad i knew you at one time....
keep hammering at the good things.

Billy Druid said...


You were my teacher for a short time when I was in 6th grade. You were one of the first punk rockers I ever met. Hopefully it will also delight you to know that in that short time you had a key role in sparking my interest in things and ideas that would make me into the man I am today, steering my path on a course set for inspiration and truth.