Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Tumultuous Lives of The Cudas

The two journal entries below were lifted from the blog of Beehive and The Barracudas because this band rules and they crack me up and if you don't think this shit's funny then I don't know what I can do for you...

Monday, June 26, 2006


Hey fans and enemies of the Cuda's: I know some of you have been jonesing for some plastic soul music (live or new recorded tunes) but things have been are rough go for our dudes/lady this past year. Here's some info/explanation on their self imposed exile from the indie scene. After the cease and desist case with the Cock Ready ep, the Cuda's have been in a mental/artistic schizo-phrenia haze that has upended their radical approach to Southwest art noize. There dabblings with the SDPD and various county school boards has also limited there influence around the southwest. They have simply lost all sense of right and wrong because of others interpretations of their art. As most of you know, the Cuda's have never been ones to take themselves seriously but when others dub the 'terrorism' card on certain bandmembers....lives become exilic in nature...fear from the repurcussions of supporting causes that are no different than the principles of democratic humanism, etc, etc.....They have tried there best to get a show in SD...but to no avail. Apparently, the blackballing of bands that support social justice/amnesty/peace/drugs is rampant in California's last bastion of religio-conservatism. As you know, San Diego is one of the most militarized cities in the world therefore citizens of SD find themselves in a precarious situation. We are on the frontlines of a bogus immigration debate, not to mention the seriousness of a failed war policy (as if any war can be justified, right?). Let's keep both Republicrat's out next term. Rumor has it that Andy Flame will be running under the Movement for a Free America Party in next years El Cajon County School Board runoff. Dner is also actively recording tunes for various social justice movements (he even squeezed in a classic Clash cover "Know Your Rights" with nelly furtado and the dixie chicks). Traci Haze has been running a childrens' clinic for abused children. Commotion is also the co-director of a breakfast program in LA that feeds the homeless. Dirty is currently a juror in a highly classified priest-boychild rape case. The finishing touches are being mounted onto their next release "pure commotion" and should be out on swami records later this year. We'll keep you posted, gene the jean adams

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Good Morning Friends:Caught myself in a morning daydream here in the Cayman Island town of Croix and decided to let you in on some magic. Our bi-ped gurus are desperate for any help with shows in the Caribbean. If any of you soldiers can pass down some promoter names/clubs by Summer 2008, we'd much appreaciate it.Turns out alot of stolen money, funds, etc,..are stashed in the booty tanks of the Caribbean floor. Being the pirates we are, we'd like to find it and report it to the UN as proof of corportate fascism in the face of a rotting planet. All is well with us. Still mounting the last nuts and bolts on the epic 6th Cuda release entitied PURE COMMOTION. Blast the bong,GEne "The Jean" ADams

The White Apes- Ghundi Crawl Mp3