Friday, December 23, 2011

Bloody Blast From Halloween Past

Halloween, 2008

Popping off somewhere between ultimate party and full scale riot, the Halloween 2008 heavy metal/blood wrestling party was a smash! Bikini-clad women wrestling in a pool of red corn syrup for a cash purse of $300, with black metal and punk bands blasting live all night.

I'm attempting to run sound. Matt Muscle's new band, TireFire, hits the stage and mayhem ensues. Violence spills out of the ring throughout the venue. Gutterpunks acting like drunken apes! Chicks sucker punching chicks! Chicks beating up dudes! Todd the carpenter is wasted, feeling up bloody chicks, falling into the sound board, attempting to choke random people. Some giant with a mohawk looks like he's about to kill him. I intervene by attempting to wrestle Todd into the blood pit, but I just end up tipping him over like a telephone pole. Todd has one leg. The band stops.

Muscle jumps off the stage, screaming, What the fuck are you doing??? That's my boss!! HE HAS ONE LEG!!

Everyone's starting to go nuts.

Another chick fight breaks out between our friend Stevie and some gutterpunk. I crank the Dead Kennedys, Halloween, over the sound system.

Outside, despondent gutterpunks are protesting the whopping 3 dollar cover at the door. Threats are made. Poggi, Jumbo, Muscle,
Benny, and I square off against at least twenty homeless kids with facial tattoos and poor hygiene. Some crusty is trying to call out Benny by calling him a preppy and pounding his chest like an ape. Poggi's roach coach serves tacos to the gathering spectators.

Everyone is talking shit.

Jay Poggi: Have you ever been stuffed into a soup can?

Gutterpunk: No. Why?

Jay Poggi: Cuz I can show you what it feels like. Look, there's a can right there!

Gutterpunk: (looks down, sees nothing) There's nothing there.

Jay Poggi
: Exactly.

Matt Muscle: Just leave. Go do laundry.

Gutterpunk: I'm not from here, I'm from the hood

Me: Little Red Riding Hood or Kevin Costner's Robin Hood?

Gutterpunk: There's 20 of us, and only 6 of you!

Benny: You better get 30.

We corral the stupid punks and their dogs with backpacks right on down the block, back to the gutter, and out of our hair. Barghest from Baton Rouge brought the black metal. TireFire were impressively evil-sounding. My band slayed. Evil Army slayed.

What did you do for Halloween?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living In The Bubble Of Zardoz; The Life Aquatic with Ian Svenonius

I am a shitty blogger. If my blog were a pet it would have died a horrific death by now, attributed to some type of bacterial atrophy eating itself to death from the inside, dehydrated. And you would have seen me on Animal Planet getting my ass kicked by Rop Vasquez on his new show where he beats animal abusers senseless in cage matches. That show is gonna rule.

That said, last February, 20th Century subterfuge guru and provocateur of guerrilla-pop, Ian Svenonius, Sassy Magazine's "Sassiest Boy in America-1991", took a Bruise Cruise, and this read, lifted from the online desk of Jonathan L. Fischer at Washington Dc's City Paper, is a hoot by any lost soul's standards. An informed mind will recognize the spark of genius in the words that flow from the mind of Svenonius. I hope the man gets down to writing a book one of these days.

~Squire 6/22/2011 6:22 pm

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fear And Loathing In Saigon

"The devotion of the greatest is to encounter risk and danger, and play dice for death." ~Friedrich Nietzsche

It's been quite a year, but I'm not making any more excuses for why I haven't been updating this blog. It is what it is, so here you go, the first blog entry of the decade for Post Traumatic Sound Disorder, and it's not about black metal, punk rock, or french Pop.

"Gonzo" journalist, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (1937-2005), the man who lived and wrote, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream, was more than just a brilliant writer and comic-genius with a superhuman tolerance for drugs. In, The Gonzo Tapes: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, his compelling first hand accounts of events that occurred during, in, and around the evacuation of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam war remind us of his important contributions as a journalist, and historian.

In the face of uncertain danger, and a political climate at it's boiling point, Thompson reveals himself to be a man without fear, guided by a sense of purpose. His perspective is logical and his composure is calm. The Gonzo King Of Cool.

"I've been pushing it for awhile... about 10 years now... 15, or 20 and, I'm not looking for the end, but, I'm not that worried about it either. I've had a good time, and... I've made a few points. I don't know if that really justifies doing... kill-crazy things, or suicidal things. If I really thought it was suicidal, I wouldn't go back in. But, the fact is that it's... not safe. There are a lot of people who know the situation better than I do, would call it suicidal. They've all left and admitted they didn't want any part of a suicide orgy. I don't think many of the people over there do, though I'd say there's an easy 10 or 20 percent, who welcome it for reasons their own. I don't know those reasons. I sort of like my life, and enjoy it. But I've come this far, and it's my story, and I blew the last one over in Africa, and I think... it all has relevance to me. Which means going right back into the eye of the storm. And it will be a storm, we don't have much doubt about that."

Released in concurrence with the Magnolia Pictures film release of, Gonzo:The Life And Work Of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, directed by Academy Award-winning director Alex Gibney, Gonzo Tapes is a fascinating treasure trove of insight for fans of Hunter S. Thompson and basically the raw data,the genesis, for all his most important works.

Based on a prediction that Ford's speech is going to be so rudely received in Saigon.Mp3

And if the worst happens, well, it just happens.Mp3

Monday, October 12, 2009

Black Metal doesn't have anything to do with the world like you know it.

The headliners of the KINGS OF BLACK METAL Festival 2009 in Giessen, Germany, and Norway's INFERNO festival, are Sweden's Watain. According to the bio on their My Space page, "Watain performs Black Metal in it's original form; dangerous, passionate, sinister and magical. Drenched in blood, swept in mystery, shunning no sacrifice. You have been warned." Vocalist and bass player, Erik Danielsson, proclaims, "the Black Metal we want to inspire people to produce, if any, must be built upon the pillars of chaos, madness, lawlessness and boundless darkness! Fuck the world and its futile currents, and let’s make art that is timeless and world-less!" and the band succeeds in their mission. The darkness and the power in Watain's sound is magic to behold. Listening to the songs on 2007's landmark, Sworn To The Dark, you can't shake the feeling that this band is tapped into some supernatural phenomena.

"I believe that black and death metal originally comes from a place that very few of the people involved in this kind of artform know about or have been intentionally in contact with, and some bands along the way during the 20 years that this form of music has existed have been in touch with that place, or whatever you want to call it, and, we are one of them. And we have found ways to communicate with that place and that is what makes our music other worldly."~Erik Danielsson, Watain, Metal Show podcast interview.

Excellent Watain interiew from Disobedience Collective
watain youtube interview
Watain My Space page

Watain-Sworn To The Dark.Mp3
Watain-Legions Of The Black Light.Mp3
Watain-Storm Of The AntiChrist.Mp3
Watain-The Light That Burns The Sun.Mp3

Friday, September 11, 2009


Thought I'd post this in honor of the fervor surrounding today's date.